Cheap Car Insurance in Columbus, GA

You have a nice car, a good citizen, trying to insure his automotive but confused on the insurance company with the best and cheapest car insurance rate? We’re here for you! The importance of car insurance in Columbus, GA cannot be neglected or overlooked. Majority of people think of business insurance, life insurance, home insurance and mostly car insurance as a grudge purchase. You should also think of it, you will love to prevent your cars, expensive or inexpensive and other properties from foreseen and unforeseen damnation. There are affordable car insurance companies ready to provide best services and insurance policy in  Columbus, GA. It’s highly recommended having safety net if ever things go the wrong way.

The selection of cheap car insurance company in Columbus, GA is quite difficult, despite the fact there are many available insurance providers. This difficulty is demystified and solved by(websites) by making the process much comfortable and easy.(Website) give rooms to drivers to make comparisons amongst the insurance providers in order to make the best choice. Therate of accidental fatalities in Columbus, GA is enough as a convincing fact to get a car insurance company that best suit your pocket and condition. Below is the accidental rate of the city as at 2017.

Columbus Car Insurance Information

Rates in state level are relatively similar to rate in Columbus, as its premiums are within $40+ of Georgia's average. As you might or might not be aware that the average Georgia monthly rates can become apparently high – with the rate around $179-$183 base on the Zebra’s findings, sometimes it’s higher or even lower, depending on different circumstances. In Columbus specifically, you can get low rates for as low as $40-43 monthly. You only have to identify how to look for discounts and what discount to look for when you do your insurance shopping. Columbus is one of those city that obligate the acquisition of car insurance in the law. Therefore, you need to get one, best one, cheapest one in order to be good citizen. We’re always on track to help you with that!


Some Insurance companies providing service in Columbus such as Allied, Hartford and Allstate, offers low rates that are quite impressive on car insurance policies for people residing in Columbus. But if you’re thinking of choosing or switching providers, you should know that there’s more to choosing insurance companies base on low rate, or services are important too like Customer service and claim processes. However, while trying to get a safety net for our automotive, there are some elements that should be put into consideration when determining the cheapest car insurance company in Columbus, GA in which one is more contingent than the other to you depending on some factors. Those factors are listed below:

  • Your Locality(Zip Code)
  • The age range
  • Driving History
  • Deductibles
  • Profession
  • Your Automotive type

Accordingly, there is a false assumption from some drivers that all car insurance policies are the same and that only the price can be different. This assumption is not rue; for example, a bad history driving may result to being referred to as a high-risk driver, resulting into a higher rate compared to a driver with low risk history of driving. This applies to someone living in a bad road city, the tendency of a higher rate is high. All things being equal, here are the list of 5 cheapest and 5 most cost car insurance company in Georgia based on ValuePenguin report.

Rank Car Insurance Company Annual Insurance Rate
1 Nationwide Progressive $1,330
2 Mercury $1,344
3 All State $1,405


Age Average Rate
20s $2,008
30s $1,410
40s $1,343
50s $1,243
60s $1,283
70s $1,605

There is significant deduction in the insurance rate in Columbus when drivers clock 20s, increase in age allows saving of an average $3,216. There is also occurrence of increment in car insurance rate drivers become older; clocking 60 means an increase in rate in Columbus. It is assumed that the body, brain and driving energy degrades at this age range. Every transition from one age group to another implies reduction in rate(price) till the clocking of 60s. People around age 50s save their money the most, around $1,243 while teenagers spend the most around $5,224.


Coverage Requirements
Bodily Injury Liability 25,000/50,000
Property Damage Liability 25,00
Uninsured Motorist Bodily injury 25,00/50,000

The minimum car insurance requirements refers to the car insurance requirements legalized by each state for each people living therein. Without any argument for most States, it’s compulsory and illegal to drive a car without meeting the requirements. Columbus is one of those state that enforce and obligate this requirements acquisition. However, whichever the state is with their laws, it’s not recommended ignoring, ignorance will only put you in a financial Hullabaloos. These are the important car insurance requirements you need.

Top car insurance agents in Columbus

A-1 Auto Insurance

3603 Victory Dr, Columbus, GA, 31903, USA.

+1 706-507-5887

Kite insurance agency

1656 S Lumpkin Rd, Columbus, GA 31903, USA

+1706 687 7089

McKibben insurance agency

3740 Macon Rd, Columbus, GA 31907 USA

+1706 563 6823

Direct auto insurance

3907 VictoryDr, Columbus, GA 31903, USA

+1706 689 5066

Ragan insurance

4809 Armour Rd, Columbus, GA 31904, USA

+1706 323 9521

Southern Harvest insurance agency

2164 Fort Benning Rd, Columbus, 31903, USA

+1 706-689 0012

Tony Knight agency LLC:Nationwide

5734 Windsor Dr #3, Columbus, G GA 31909, USA

+1706 561 797

Capparelle’s agency

3902 Hamilton Rd, Columbus 31904 USA

+1706 322 6178

Lovern insurance agency

4507 Armour Rd, Columbus, GA 31904 USA

+1076 494 3998


Getting to Know More About Columbus GA

Columbus is a big city located in united states at the west central border. It was graded as the third largest city and fourth-largest metropolitan Area. The Census bureau from the U.S, estimated the population to be 194,058 as 2019. Columbus is known as the Fountain city for the several fountains installed therein such as being the Coca cola birthplace, Fort Benning Military Reservation; a training facility for U.S Army, Columbus museum and so on.
  • Population 194,160 (2018.)
  • Population Density 918 people per square mile(2017)
  • Latitude 32.492222
  • Longitude -84.940277
  • Land Area 216/sqmi(592.1km²)
  • Area code 706,762

Few Columbus facts

  • With 454%, the Columbus population density is greater than Georgia population density.
  • The population of White people is 45.32% in Columbus while Blacks are 45.06%. All most equal
  • In Columbus, Median age is 7%, which is lower than Georgia Median age.